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An HMI designer who is passionate about digital painting, animation, and gaming. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suits, Blender, and Unity with a thorough understanding of concept art, game asset creation, and graphical animation. Expertise in UI graphics, game development & general 2D/3D design craft. A frequent attendee of game jams and game dev meetups.

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I have numerous amounts of hobbies. Mostly digital painting, 3D modelling, and currently the author of an ongoing webcomic series as a spare time personal project. To which I have familiarised myself to experiment and explore ways to achieve efficient workflow in any given project. While I may lead and help others in a team, I tend to do better when working individually. I’m a fast learner and constantly find myself seeking for more techniques and skills to better myself and grow as an artist.

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Auckland, New Zealand


064 211799241


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